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Tips for listing your home

We all seem to have a bit of extra time on our hands right now, and we are staring at the walls around us – which is likely our homes.

What if you had planned on selling your home this season? Or what if you find yourself with the need for something to do …anything…to keep you busy. Either one needs an answer and that is invest time and some money into your home.

With budgets being carefully considered we put together a list of projects that are affordable and will increase the value of your home. We also invited Interior Designer Patrine Frey of Patrine Frey Creative Design to give us some tips.(

List of simple tasks to invest in:

  1. Paint fresh new colours ( neutrals best)
  2. Update cabinet hardware throughout house
  3. Street appeal matters – cleaning up the front lawn, placing coloured cushions on a chair or bench, hanging a seasonal wreath, clean driveway and sidewalk etc.
  4. New lighting or clean existing hanging lights.
  5. Updating the electrical covers and light switch covers throughout the house.
  6. Organizing linen closets and all closets to make them more organized and spacious.
  7. Wash the windows inside and out. Don’t forget the screens!
  8. Paint front door for a fresh new look

Another great idea is to tour your home and check off these tasks before selling:

  • updating the panel with an certified electrician and update the breaker labels if necessary
  • test the breakers
  • change out the furnace filter
  • clean out dryer vent inside the dryer and the venting outside
  • check the gas fireplace for the pilot light.
  • Make sure the attic is getting proper ventilation.
  • Turn A/C on to check its working.
  • Hard water can erode your faucets and shower heads so consider giving them a clean.

From our friend Patrine Frey

If Listing Your Home this Spring – Here are my thoughts!

Step 1
Emotionally detaching from your home may be difficult. It’s hard to realize your house is just a structure that will be filled by other people but you made it your home by living there. Your next house will be your next home.

Step 2
Lighting makes a huge difference in how a home looks to a prospective buyer. It’s really important to upgrade dated fixtures. Letting the light in for example really shows off your fixtures. You need to look at every room in your home and ensure the lighting is doing the work for you.

Step 3
Get all your paperwork ready regarding utility bills, renovations details, warranties, rental contracts etc. This will be important for your real estate agent as potential buyers will want to know the details of these.

Step 4
Start de-cluttering – one room at a time, starting with the bathroom.
Remove all toiletries you have visual. Put them in a basket & bring out when needed. Buy some white towels, put them in a basket, bring them out and hang them in place of your daily ones, for a showing or when photos are getting taken. Look around with a critical eye – would an upgrade of faucets make the space more appealing, is the space hyper-clean. Even if you can’t upgrade your bathroom make it super clean and with a minimalistic style, it will appear so much better.  A real quick fix is towel racks and toilet paper holders.

Step 5
The kitchen is the number one space most prospects are interested in. De-cluttering the countertops is so important. Only decorative items or two in these spaces. Do a spring clean inside the cupboards and wipe down the outsides.
Have a hard look at your appliances, are they good shape, are you keeping them? If you plan for these to be part of the sale then, they need to look great, no items stuck on the fridge.
Look at your facets could they be upgraded?  Could your kitchen walls use refresh paint? Always a neutral colour.
Is the floor in great shape? Are the counter surfaces in great shape? This space is where you could do a mini-renovation with a good return on investment. If you can manage it the best place to spend money is counters and floors.

Step 6
Living/dining rooms/great rooms
All of these spaces fall under the same view. It’s important that these spaces look spacious.
Remove extra furniture and furnishings, then leave what you believe is the “prettiest” and most useful. Take down personal pictures & the cluttered artworks.
Make sure the windows are clean and window treatments are in good shape.
Refresh walls with a neutral colour if needed.
Add fresh flowers as a decorative touch. Have a real discerning eye for the shape of the flooring. This is another space where an upgrade would return the investment.

Step 7
Every closet in the home must be de-cluttered. Every prospect opens closet doors. The storage space must look ample enough. So leave them half empty. You are moving so packing away what you do not need is smart.

Step 8
Your entrance to your home sets the tone for the buyer. They say a prospective buyer will form an opinion within 15 seconds of entering a home. You will want the initial reaction positive as soon as anyone enters. Make sure the space is open and clean – no clutter. The walls are freshened up with a neutral paint colour, the flooring is in excellent shape. The coat closet should be attractive & inviting. The lighting is bright & attractive.

Step 9
The lower level of your home, finished or unfinished needs to as de-cluttered as possible – the idea is to have the spaces as open visually as possible, the lighting perfect, the walls if painted in excellent shape. Flooring clean & I’m good repair. Remember prospective buyers will see your home first in pictures. What they are looking at is the space not your furniture, remember it is the shape of the structure that matters.

Step 10
The bedrooms – make sure the bed coverings are beautiful, simple & always made. Decorative pillows would be amazing. The bedrooms always look better with a made bed. The rest of the space only needs minimal furnishings, night stands & dressers cleaned off with only light fixtures or flowers. Windows clean & window treatments in excellent shape.  Lighting needs to be bright to show the space.

Step 11
The curb appeal matters. Take a real look from the street view of your home. Make sure your front door is in amazing shape, paint wise. The door handles are in good repair. Clean up your garden area, no matter what season. Your front door landing needs to be inviting, a simple pretty container plant is preferred, makes the space look uncluttered.
Your real estate agent will always be there to help you with getting for a home in selling shape. They may suggest a home stager, but always remember the professionals who you are working with are there to help you realize the best value for your home.

When you are ready to list, be sure to contact me for more help as we navigate this unprecedented time together. Also, check out my Virtual Services page on my website where I showcase how I showcase your property Virtually.